About Kathy

Kathy was born in 1950 in New Haven, Connecticut. She was one of 5, growing up in an italian household with traditional values. Kathy loved the beach, and spending time with family.

Kathy was a loving wife of 36 years, a proud mother of two, and an incredibly proud grammy. She worked in the Cheshire public school system for over twenty years, was passionate about life, and inspired everyone around her.

On June 2, 2010, Kathy Mordente Solli lost a three and a half year battle with breast cancer. She left behind a family and community that cared about her, and in her honor The Kathy Mordente Solli Foundation has been established to maintain her legacy.

We encourage you to leave a story below about how Kathy touched your life.

One Response to About Kathy

  1. Kori Montague Dahlberg says:

    I was honored to know such a great woman. My high school swim partner was her daughter. I was able to learn the values of the Solli’s family. I had such fun times while visiting the house while in high school. After high school Kristina and I stayed in touch and have learned many life lessons while becoming mothers ourselves. Unfortunately I moved but seem to touch base here and there through facebook. The Solli Family is an incredible family and I truly am proud of Kristina for getting this 501c3 started.

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